Architectures for Web Applications

You want your business to grow, and our team of developers can help. We call our clients Partners because we emotionally buy into the dreams of our partners and work tirelessly to bring those dreams to fruition.


Website or Web Application?

A website is something everyone understands, but a Web Application is much more. A web application captures a business process and implements it online.

  • It allows your business to scale, potentially tapping a global market.
  • Done well, a web app creates efficiencies that impact the bottom line.
  • It also creates new opportunities to interact with customers in ways impossible in the physical world. Think "new possibilities"!

At Rietta, Inc. we do websites and web applications. But some of our most striking successes have been helping businesses develop web apps that have helped their bottom-line and increased revenue dramatically. A double win!

Which do you need? Which do you want? Let us know!

Core Services

  • Project Specification
    • Initial interview with your project owner
    • Agile user story capture and story management
    • Data modeling
    • Project scope and budget documentation
  • Back-end Web Development and Programming
    • Implement and release Minimal Viable Product (MVP)
    • Iterative phased approach to building the solutions needed to make it to your ultimate goal
    • Ruby on Rails
    • Standards-compliant HTML, CSS & JavaScript
    • Security is a fundamental part of our development process
  • Database Design, Implementation & Security Tuning
  • Data Conversion Services from Excel & Other Formats
  • Cloud-based Hosting Consulting and Deployment

Security Audit Built In

All of our development projects receive a professional review of your Ruby on Rails application's security. It's a fundamental part of our development process!

Onsite Development

When your company needs onsite help, we are available for onsite development and consulting work for a base per developer daily rate, plus all travel and per diem expenses.

Availability for onsite work is dependent on developers' schedules.

PHP Integration

We can integrate Ruby on Rails with any PHP application. For instance, supporting a WordPress blog, running your existing bug tracker or ticketing system. You do not need to switch entirely over to Rails unless it makes good business sense for your company.

Rietta works with the following technologies:

rails ruby postgresql heroku angularjs css3 html5


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