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Rietta's Ruby on Rails Development Team

As a Ruby on Rails development company, we focus our efforts to serve your needs as a developer partner. We ask a lot of questions and are quick to tell you if we would not be the best fit for your project. Our team of developers is passionate about integrity and doing things a little differently.

About our Process

Website or Web Application?

A website is something everyone understands, but a Web Application is much more. A web application captures a business process and implements it online.

  • It allows your business to scale, potentially tapping a global market.
  • Done well, a web app creates efficiencies that impact the bottom line.
  • It also creates new opportunities to interact with customers in ways impossible in the physical world. Think "new possibilities"!

At Rietta, Inc. we do websites and web applications. But some of our most striking successes have been helping businesses develop web apps that have helped their bottom-line and increased revenue dramatically. A double win!

Which do you need? Which do you want? Let us know!

What environments does your team deploy applications to?

You can host your web application on any provider supporting the latest versions of Ruby and Ruby on Rails. We can assist with any of them including the basic choice of which to use.

For basic hosting needs, we have a good relationship with AtlantaWebHost.com. They provide very cost-effective, dedicated, virtual server instances running on their private VMware ESXI environment.

For cloud hosting, we have considerable experience working with both Heroku and Engine Yard. There are pros and cons to each.

Please feel free to contact us for a run down of the differences among these choices.

What if I want to control the source code for my project?

While we do provide source code hosting as a convenience to our clients, we want you to be in control of your project. The easiest way to get setup is to sign up for a plan on Github. That will allow you to host several private projects and have enough private collaborators for our team to work on your code. We’re familiar with this tool and can help you establish an account.

Do you work with PHP?

Yes, our developers are experienced with PHP. We support it for legacy applications and for legacy interoperability with Rails-based web applications.

Can I visit you in person?

Yes. Contact us any time to set an appointment.

Someone else said they’ll develop my website cheaper. Will you match their price?

No matter what your business is, someone else will always be willing to do it cheaper. Cheaper doesn’t mean better, it just means “cheaper”.

Our developers have solid computer science backgrounds and years of relevant experience in the field. Because we believe in paying them well for quality work, we charge a professional, competitive rate for custom software development services, and we’re worth every penny.

In short, the answer is “Sorry, but no.”

How long does a project usually take to complete?

A small project might take two to four weeks to complete. Medium to large projects often require two to four months, though projects that involve many data models and complex interactions could take longer. Minor changes and maintenance projects might need as little as one afternoon.

For bigger projects, we like to have an initial public release of a “Minimal Viable Product” as a key milestone. That way, even though the entire project might take 4 months, we can bring you online with a basic service 1 or 2 months earlier.

When we are both happy with the results, your project will be done.

Is Rietta, Inc. actively involved the Ruby community?

Yes, our company is very active in the Ruby on Rails community in Atlanta and Nashville.
Additionally, we sponsor the video lecture series for the Atlanta Ruby Users’ Group, which
is made available free to the world on the ATLRUG YouTube Playlist.

Is Rietta, Inc. actively involved the Ruby community?

Yes, our company is very active in the Ruby on Rails community in Atlanta and Nashville.
Additionally, we sponsor the video lecture series for the Atlanta Ruby Users’ Group, which
is made available free to the world on the ATLRUG YouTube Playlist.

Will you give me a fixed bid on development?

We do iterative development on projects in two week sprints, that are billed on an hourly basis for time actually worked. Projects have budgets and we work with your management team during the planning phases to define the scope and arrive at a budget for the project.

Where are you located?

Rietta, Inc. is located in the city of Johns Creek, just north of Atlanta, Georgia. We’re in the in the central hub for the tech industry on the east coast. It is home to the Georgia Institute of Technology, Georgia State University, and the world’s busiest airport.

What type of work situations are a good fit for your team?

At Rietta, Inc., we believe that the best projects are accomplished through solid team work and
with mutual respect. That is that our developers respect you and your company and that
you respect us as a trusted development partner.

When we agree to work with you as a client, we schedule development time to build or integrate
the technology that you need. We believe in providing transparency to you about the status
of your project through various tools, including the GIT revision control system, and other collaborative tools.

However, it has been our experience that projects get off track when a client insists on micromanaging the development process or has a habit of calling in the middle of the night or on weekends looking for status updates. For such people, there are many other development companies, with more junior developers, who will be happy for that business.

Can your team help my company implement credit card security and the PCI-DSS requirements?

Yes, we know the requirements of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS) and can ensure your app complies with them.

What type of open source licenses do you use?

Our team is very experienced in working with an open source software stack. For development libraries, we use code that is licensed under a BSD license or LGPL. For client projects, we will not link a GNU Public License (GPL) library into your application in such a way that your project would have to be itself licensed under GPL without your explicit written permission.

We are not lawyers. For more information about Open Source License agreements, please see the Open Source Initiative .

What online collaboration tools does your team use?

We use a variety of tools to manage the development process. For source code revision control, we prefer to use Git. Our company maintains a private github.com account for repository hosting. We use Google Docs for project documents, which are also shared with you.

Who owns the code that is developed for my company?

In general, once you have paid us, you own the code. However, we own our background technology – the “development toolkit”, if you will – that is used to make developing your custom application faster and more cost efficient. Also any open source software, such as Linux, Ruby, Rails, and various gems or libraries, is owned by the respective copyright holders. The details are covered in the Master Services Agreement.


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