The Rietta Difference

At Rietta, Inc. we have a wealth of experience in Ruby and Ruby-on-Rails web development. We can deliver -on time and within budget. Nice!

Why Rietta, Inc.? Not your Same Old, Same Old


All companies tout their "experience", listing all of the technologies they employ (See ours.) or the number of years in business (that's 20 for us!). But we don't just have that experience, we embody that experience. Our business processes are designed from the ground up to incorporate the principles we've practised in developing business applications for others.

Perhaps that's why our clients keep coming back for more.


What if you could know, almost in real time, how your project's going– what has been done and how your expenses are running? At Rietta, you can. We are virtually transparent! We've integrated the coding, the reporting and the billing so you always know where you stand. Its that "experience" thing. Can anyone else make that claim?

We didn't think so.


We're a boutique technology company – in other words, we're small by choice. The advantage to you is that you can always talk directly with the developer on your project. No one stands in-between. You know what is being done, and why, because you're talking to the person actually doing it. Our size lets us be nimble and responsive to every client. Who can beat that?

Security Based Development

The headlines say it every day: "Data breach at Company X". Big or small, no company is immune to attack. But some are prepared.

We build security into every layer of every system we make. From technology controls to infrastructure, from the most basic system to the most complex, security is at the heart of everything we do. Crazy bank-level security. So you know your, and your customers', information is safe. And someday... you'll thank us for it.

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A Company is only as Good as its People And Our People Are Good

Frank Rietta,   MSIS -Owner | Senior Developer

Frank’s role is to ensure that your project is designed for security and optimized for speed.

With over 16 years of career experience, Frank specializes in working with startups and other new Internet entities, using the Ruby on Rails platform to build scalable businesses. Frank started out working with Rails full-time in 2011 after having spent over a decade working on a variety of other platforms, including PHP, .NET, and lots of SQL. His versatility is unmatched.

Frank trained as a computer scientist at the Georgia Institute of Technology graduatiing with a Masters in Information Security. He is the author of several publications on security.

Frank also is a public speaker, teaching about data breaches and information security topics. You can follow him on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Use this PGP key to send sensitive content to Frank. His public key is also at rietta on keybase.


Frank S. Rietta

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Brandon Dees

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Brandon Dees   -Senior Developer

Brandon’s role is to ensure that your project is built according to best practices, so that it is written beautifully and is free of defects.

Brandon joined Rietta, Inc. in 2012 and, from the start, he has been pivotal in shaping our test driven development processes as well as instituting pair programming. He is constantly seeking out -and enforcing- "best practise" standards. He keeps the team agile and up to date.

Brandon began working as a web developer in 2005, utilizing various platforms. He first started with Ruby on Rails back in 2010 (version 2.3) and switched to full-time Rails in early 2013.

Use this PGP key to send sensitive content to Brandon. His public key is also at dees on keybase.


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