Backend Ruby Development

We're experts in backend Ruby on Rails development. Rails has proven, time and time again, to be a superior platform for our client's projects. It is a framework that allows fast, consistent and secure development, saving our clients time and money now...and down the road.


We Partner with Design Agencies

Rietta is not itself a design shop. For a Clean Look and Responsive Feel, we partner with top design/marketing talent. Or we can work with your own designer. We add the computer science to their human science to provide the best chance for your success.


You'll Love Our Process!

We have a proven development process that has been designed to provide transparency and accessibility to you. It starts with assessing your entire project. We work with you to split it into user stories, which are then sorted by priority and cost, to build a blueprint for your work. We invite you to learn more through our FAQ.

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Charles Roach (Founder of Scriptive):

"A huge thank you to the tireless, highly skilled, and passionate work of Frank and his team! I can't recommend them enough. Not only do their Ruby on Rails and SQL ... skills exceed expectations, but their integrity with billing is incredible. It has been a honor for my organization to be included within their client portfolio."

Jess Brown (Owner, Brown Web Design):

Frank and the rest of the Rietta team are a fantastic bunch of Ruby on Rails developers and are especially experienced in the security side of app development. They are dependable and flexible when it comes to project management and consistently do a good job of keeping things on track and within budget.

Spencer Norman (Software Engineer, currently with

"I got to partner with Frank and Brandon at Rietta, Inc. for a large web app project. They are both excellent developers who utilize Ruby on Rails to it's full potential. They place high value on well tested code (using the TDD model of writing tests before features) and application security. I would definitely work with them again."

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