Rietta.com Application Security & Development

With Rietta’s proactive approach, we develop software with security as part of the development process. Security baked in, not bolted on.

Our Solutions

Our service offerings are in five professional practice areas. Each of these areas is closely aligned with critical stages of the software development lifecycle.

Security Part of Every Stage of the SDLC

Rietta has believed strongly that security has to be part of every stage of the development process for decades. In the current vernacular, this is often called shifting left. We help our clients implement appropriate developer education, threat modeling, and automated testing techniques to drive security into the heart of the software requirements and code.

Rietta Security in Every Step

Also, never forget maintenance! When the development is done, the code is shipped, you have to proactively maintain your business applications or they cannot be considered secure. Our maintenance program is specifically designed for this.

Our Clients

Our clients include innovated startups, IoT device manufacturers, government agencies, and established enterprises migrating workloads to the cloud. Given the sensitive nature of our work, we are bound to keep most of our client work confidential.

We’re a Remote Native Company

Rietta is not just a Cloud Native company, we’re Remote Natives. We were a 100% remote team before 2020 and will remain so long after the COVID 19 pandemic has passed into history. Remote collaboration and effective secure work from home are baked deep into our culture and business processes.

Risk Assessment Mini Course (Free Content with E-mail)

Risk Assessment Mini Course Excerpt We believe so strongly in developer education, that we will give you a free copy of a 30 page Risk Assessment mini course. This material is directly out of a full day workshop that we have taught at well known Fortune 500 companies to help their development teams be more secure.

If you’re interested, just contact us and we’ll send you the documents.

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