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Mission Statement

Security must be baked in, not bolted on.

We’re a Remote Native Company

Rietta is not just a Cloud Native company, we’re Remote Natives. We were a 100% remote team before 2020 and will remain so long after the COVID 19 pandemic has passed into history. Remote collaboration and effective secure work from home are baked deep into our culture and business processes.

Our Team

Frank Rietta — Founder & CEO

Frank’s role is to ensure that your project is designed for security and speed.

With over 16 years of career experience, he is specialized designing and implementing commercially reasonable security controls necessary to reduce the risk that an application is data breached.

He is a computer scientist with a Masters in Information Security from the College of Computing at the Georgia Institute of Technology. He is a lifetime member of the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP).

Frank is a public speaker, who talks about data breaches and information security topics. You can also follow him at @frankrietta on Twitter or @fsrietta on LinkedIn.

Use this PGP key to send sensitive content to Frank. His public key is also at rietta on keybase.

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Lore Hamilton, CSM, ICA-CP — Program Manager / Scrum Master

Lore Hamilton, CSM, ICA-CP, is the Chief Operating Officer at Rietta. Their job is to make sure that we stay on time, on budget, and deliver a satisfactory result for you!

You can find Lore at @lorihamiltonba on LinkedIn.

Wren Steitle — Software Developer

Wren is a Ruby on Rails developer and Linux server administrator.

@wrensteitle on LinkedIn

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