Since 1999

Python 3 and Django Development


At Rietta, we specialize in maintaining production applications written in Python. Our expertise extends to containerizing applications in Docker and deploying them to the AWS cloud. We’ve successfully conducted upgrades from legacy Python 2 software and deprecated frameworks to modern Django, ensuring stable, secure systems that continue to serve users effectively.

Practice Test-Driven Development

Our development process prioritizes test-driven practices. Whether building new code or maintaining legacy systems, we write tests first. This approach not only enhances development but also strengthens security. By ensuring that existing functionality remains intact after dependency updates, we empower clients to patch production promptly. Practical application security hinges on addressing vulnerabilities swiftly.

Testing Frameworks

We have extensive experience with pytest for testing. Additionally, we create selenium end-to-end tests to validate the seamless interaction between the Django application and its frontend JavaScript code. These tests play a crucial role in maintaining security, especially during regular updates.

Next Steps

If you'd like to discuss your specific requirements, feel free to schedule a free consultation. We'll provide detailed information about our services and tailor a plan to meet your unique needs. You can reach us at our Atlanta office: +1 (770) 623-2059.

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