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Ruby on Rails

Rietta has deep roots in the Ruby on Rails community. We have been building and supporting major Rails applications since 2011! We maintain and upgrade many Ruby on Rails applications for many clients. We are still maintaining applications that were originally developed in Rails 2 via upgrades through Rails 7 and beyond. That is over a decade of reliable production experience.

Practice Test Driven Development

When we build new code, we write tests first. When we maintain legacy code without sufficient tests, we write tests. This is a security practice as much as it is a development practice. These tests give us confidence that the software that worked before a dependency update still works after a dependency update. This confidence allows our clients to patch production immediately knowing that the software that worked yesterday still works today. This is the linchpin for practical application security, patching immediately when a new vulnerability is published before the system can be compromised.

For testing frameworks, we have significant experience with rspec but enjoy the built in minispec just fine. It has been our experience that capybara and selenium tests are effective for regression testing interactive pages including their client-side JavaScript. However, cucumber tests are of some value but we do not typically implement them on new projects unless the client already has a significant investment in this style of testing.

Community Sponsorship

We sponsor the Atlanta Ruby Users' Group monthly meeting. This is one of the longest running Ruby users group in the United States. You can join us on the 2nd Wednesday of each month. Learn more at ATLRUG on Meetup.

Next Steps

If you'd like to discuss your specific requirements, feel free to schedule a free consultation. We'll provide detailed information about our services and tailor a plan to meet your unique needs. You can reach us at our Atlanta office: +1 (770) 623-2059.

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