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Solutions for Government Agency Offices

Welcome to Rietta! As experts in supporting State government agencies, we offer tailored solutions to ensure your agency web application is kept up-to-date and secure. Our team of qualified developers is committed to maintaining and enhancing your public service software.

Experts in working with small government offices

If you are the IT director for a small government office, rest assured we have worked with others with similar constraints. We understand the need for clear code review, reasonable budgets, and working with a purchase order process. We are on your side to get you the technical services your agency needs and work with you.

Trusted Advisory Role

We work with our government clients in not only technical but advisory roles. For example:

Deep Technical Knowledge

We have the deep technical knowledge to support applications that are built upon open source technologies, such as:

Security Assessments

We are often contracted to provide technical security assessments to assist our government clients in maintaining security compliance. Read more about our Security Assessment and Attestation services.

Dockerization and AWS Lift and Shift Expertise

Often our government clients have had previously developed applications that have been in production for some time. We have experience taking existing software and converting it to run in Docker containers. We have experience working with our government clients in the use of the AWS public cloud and AWS GovCloud environments.

Training options available

Rietta offers staff cybersecurity training, ranging from lunch-and-learns to full-day workshops and more. Explore our comprehensive training offerings to see how they can benefit your agency! Cybersecurity Training by Rietta.

Next Steps

If you'd like to discuss your specific requirements, feel free to schedule a free consultation. We'll provide detailed information about our services and tailor a plan to meet your unique needs. You can reach us at our Atlanta office: +1 (770) 623-2059.

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