Since 1999

Long Term Maintenance of Production Applications

For over a decade, Rietta has been providing customers with long term maintenance services for their custom web applications. The typical situation is that the original development team is no longer part of the picture. The software has been in use and mature for years. Our professional developers are committed to keeping such a system up-to-date and secure so that it can serve its users indefinitely.

Security for Custom Web Apps

We pride ourselves on patching dozens of client applications within a few hours of a known security risk in a world where other companies usually take months.

  1. Assess existing security to identify weak spots needing improvement
  2. Containerized existing application using Docker for testing and (optionally) for production in the AWS cloud
  3. Continuous Blue Team support to investigate, and update code as necessary for security

The Problem

Most development companies only focus on building new software, not the long term maintenance. In fact, a successful application will spend far longer in maintenance than production. Sadly, many companies do not understand they need to continually invest in development. Then when something goes wrong, which it inevitably does, there is no one with the skills or knowledge to fix the software.

Our Solution

We provide customers with a predictable monthly bill for maintenance. We update the application and its dependencies. We continually monitor for new Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE), which are known insecure dependencies, and work to patch. We’re the fastest custom web app security experts in the business. We can patch dozens of client applications within a few hours of a known security risk, while other companies usually take months.

What do you get?

Rietta provides three commitment levels depending on your organization’s specific monthly needs and budget.

Service Essential Premium Optimal value Ultimate

Enhanced Essentials Package

Manage Security Dependencies
Continuous Integration Orchestration
Site and Service Monitoring
Project Management
Business Analysis
Requirements gathering and documentation
Basic Dockerization for Dev & Test

Enhanced Premium Package

Manage All Dependencies  
Bug Fixing  
Client team Education
Software upgrades from latest supported version  
Enhanced Dockerization for Production  

Plus Ultimate Services

Manage All Dependencies and resolve dependency related technical debt    
Advanced Client team Education    
Software upgrades from any installed version    
Dedicated development contact    
One Sprint of software development each month (13 Points)    

After Hours Support

After hours support, including premium on call support is available for a fee determined by your maintenance level. Unused services do not roll over from month-to-month. We pay our team members for on-call coverage hours, regardless of usage to ensure the best possible service for our customers.

Next Steps

If you'd like to discuss your specific requirements, feel free to schedule a free consultation. We'll provide detailed information about our services and tailor a plan to meet your unique needs. You can reach us at our Atlanta office: +1 (770) 623-2059.

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